Ultimate Puppy Course

Everything you need to get your puppy off to the best start!

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The Ultimate Puppy Course includes lifetime access to:

  • Foundation Skills Course
  • Puppy Diaries
  • Puppy to Pro Challenge
  • Lectures
  • Canine Socialisation Webinar
  • Food Rewards 101 Webinar
  • Ebooks

We've got you covered for all the training you need for your new puppy!

If you're keen to get your puppy's training right from day 1, then this is the perfect course to start from as early as 8 weeks of age.

You'll have instant access over 58 bite sized video tutorials that you can watch at a time to suit you, and you'll keep your content for life

What will your puppy learn?

Foundation Skills: teaching your puppy core skills such as Sit, Down, Wait, Heel, Come, Leave, Bed, Settle, Play Skills & Confidence Building

Puppy Diaries: top tips for getting it right from the start, including a puppy shopping list, how to build the perfect puppy area, separation & sleep training, jumping up, training around cats, settling, attention seeking, enrichment, plus how & when to train

30 Day Puppy to Pro Challenge: everything we teach our new 8 week old puppy from day 1. Includes engagement games, fun tricks, building an adventure course, confidence building, body awareness, handling and focus

Lectures: straight forward advice on toilet training, play biting, jumping up, barking, castration, manners around visitors, plus how to use Markers in training and building motivation for food rewards

Webinars: Canine Socialisation Webinar to teach you how to get socialisation right from the start, and how to avoid common behavioural problems from developing. Food 101 Webinar, explaining how to use food correctly in training, and how to build other types of reinforcers into your training

Ebooks: On everything! Toilet training, biting, training around kids, jumping, crate training, stealing, dog socialisation, people socialisation, resource guarding, problem behaviours and more!

We only train using positive, reward based training methods

Only £19.99 for Lifetime Access.

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